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What We Do

Our passion is to help others reach financial freedom through real estate. Our real estate investment choice is apartment buildings. We teach and share with others about multi family investing. We believe it is truly the best and fastest path to legacy wealth.

How We Do It

Analyze deals in our target markets where only 2-3% of all deals reviewed move on to step 2.
Step 1
Due Diligence
On site analysis of all financials and physical inspection of the property by our expert team. Also looking for opportunities to increase cash, reduce expenses and lower potential risks.
Step 2
Constant attention to KPIs, people and performance streamline our operations to provide investor cash flow and appreciation.
Step 3
Cash Flow
Focus on increasing cash flow while reducing expenses and maintaining the asset provides cash flow returns to our investors. With both equity and profits our investors are ready to invest in our next acquisition if they desire.
Step 4
Analyze the next deal!
Step 5

The Team

Patti Royster

Patti spent most of her time raising 4 beautiful children. After raising children she got her real estate license in Arizona in 2012 and then got her license in Utah and has been a licensed agent for over 8 years now. She is putting her Bachelor of Science Business Degree from Brigham Young University to work. She enjoys forming strong relationships with real estate partners and managing their rental portfolio. Her goal is to always add value to whoever she meets. Her mantra is, “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is service and integrity.”

David Royster

CFO - Started in 1990 with first rental. Have been a full time real estate investor since 2013. Since 2013 have performed over 90 buy or sell transaction on properties where I have ownership. Have seen my net worth double and increased my passive income through rentals to meet my typical expense. Have expertise as a flipper, landlord, AirBNB host, hard money lender, commercial real estate manager, and multi-family investing.

Have single family, duplex and multifamily rentals in Utah, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa and Georgia. Own and manage a commercial property that includes a cafe and bookstore. Own and operate Airbnbs in Salt Lake and near Zion’s National Park. Actively rehab and sell flip properties in Utah. Have acted as a hard money lender to a number of clients typically getting 2 points and 10% interest. Attend various real estate and marketing events on an ongoing basis.


107 Unit Apartment
Acquired in December 2019
$384K in Capital Improvement Planned


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